F-ACT English

As of June 21st 2011, the foundation of the association F-ACT Nederland is a fact! Initiated by the CCAF (Centre of certification ACT and FACT) and several other national representatives of ACT and FACT, the decision was made in 2010 to establish this association. Internationally we join with the founding of other associations.

The purpose of F-ACT Nederland is to promote en further develop ACT and FACT. This is done by bringing people together and by providing knowledge and training opportunities. ACT and FACT are developed as models for providing care and treatment to the most vulnerable citizens in our society. These relate to various groups, including adults with severe mental illness (SMI) ), and adults with a forensic background or addiction problems, young and old people with complex problems and people with a mild mental retardation. 

F-ACT Nederland encourages professionals, managers, policy makers, researchers and insurers to work together for the best care for these various groups. To this end we organize meetings.

We also facilitate in providing training, assist in the conduct of investigations and certifications, newsletters and work together to build networks in the social media.

The annual F-ACT conferences will be organized by F-ACT Nederland, but always in collaboration with local institutions, which can give the conferences a distinct character. We aim at providing the members of F-ACT Nederland a participation discount of € 25,- for these conferences.

Anyone in any way involved in ACT, FACT or for the care for people with complex disorders can join F-ACT Nederland. 

For more information please contact:

info@f-actnederland.nl or our website www.f-actnederland.nl by ‘aanmelden’. When you contact us by info@f-actnederland.nl we can help you by translating pages of our site and send you the correct english version.